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Barney's Happy Valentines Day

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Barneys Happy Valentines Day


Should you be searching for a book I have come up with information. Get your hands on a copy of Barney's Happy Valentines Day published by Scholastic. The author is Davis, Guy. and it was published sometime in 1997 by Scholastic. The book has 24 pages and it incorporates plenty of fantastically colored illustrations, click the link below.

ASIN: 157064294X

This charming holiday book follows Barney as he wishes all of his pals a happy Valentine's Day. Full color plus 8 valentines. Ages 4-8.. Pub: 11/97. Featuring Barney's close friends Baby Bop and BJ,"Barney's Happy Valentine's Day"also consists of appearances by Professor Tinkerputt, Stella the Storyteller, Mother Goose, in addition to other lovable characters from the popular Television show.


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