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Barney's Book Of Opposites

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Barneys Book Of Opposites

Barney Publishing

Author: Mary Ann Dudko

Brief summary:

Barney the dinosaur learns about opposites.
You might want to get a copy of Barney's Book Of Opposites a strong book. Written by Mary Ann Dudko and it is published by Barney Publishing. This book was released in September of 1994. The book is 20 pages long and it offers a great many colorfully illustrated artwork.

ASIN: 1570640165

Opposites are the theme of this book, including full and empty, asleep and awake, opened and closed, and wet and dry--all terms with which young children are presented in everyday life. Full color. In this delightful book, Barney and Baby Bop help children understand them.


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